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20th Anniversary Duelist Box

Yet another extravagant OCG item is coming to celebrate the 20th anniversary.

Yugioh Official Card Game Duel Monsters 20th Anniversary Duelist Box
-On sale December 22, 2018
-MSRP 8000 yen
-6 Promotional Cards, all in 20th Secret Rare
-6 Special Packs, each pack containing 3 Ultra Rares and 3 Parallel Rares
-6 Special Tokens in Ultra Rare
-100 Special Card Protectors
-1 Special Rubber Duel Field, out of 6 total possible designs
-1 Special Card 20th Anniversary Edition, made in stainless steel, out of 2 total possible cards

Also on sale in January 12 2019 are Xyz Black and Soulburner card protectors


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