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A3’s Yu-Gi-Oh! Maple Themed Mini Character Series

More chibi themed character goods!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Maple Themed Mini Character Series

Release Date: Late September 2021
Maker: A3 Co., Ltd.

Character Clear Case
Price: 880 Yen

Cap Badge
(10 Different Designs)
Price: 528 Yen
[1 BOX: 5280 Yen)

Mini Acrylic Stands
(10 Different Designs)
Price: 880 Yen
[1 BOX: 8800 Yen]

Leather Tag Book
(5 Different Designs)
Price: 550 Yen


Smartphone Character Ring
Price: 1518 Yen

Character Tote Bag
Price: 2200 Yen

Source: V Jump

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