Forbidden & Limited List Update May 17th, 2022 [TCG]

It’s been….a long time, Yata-Garasu.


  • Mecha Phantom Beast Auroradon (New)
  • Prank-Kids Meow-Meow-Mu (Was Limited)
  • Predaplant Verte Anaconda (New)


  • Jet Synchron (Was Forbidden)
  • Performapal Monkeyboard (Was Forbidden)
  • Red Rose Dragon (New)
  • Yata-Garasu (Was Forbidden)
  • Crystron Halqifibrax (New)
  • Shooting Riser Dragon (New)
  • Change of Heart (Was Forbidden)
  • Time Seal (Was Forbidden)


  • Dinomight Knight, the True Dracofighter (Was Limited)
  • Cyber Angel Benten (Was Limited)
  • Fire Formation – Tenki (Was Limited)
  • Pot of Desires (Was Limited)
  • Trickstar Light Stage (Was Limited)
  • Wall of Revealing Light (Was Limited)


  • Night Assailant (Was Limited)
  • Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier (Was Limited)
  • Salamangreat Miragestallio (Was Limited)
  • A Hero Lives (Was Semi-Limited)
  • Salamangreat Circle (Was Semi-Limited)
  • Scapegoat (Was Semi-Limited)


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