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20th Anniversary Illustration Promotion

Mostly noting this more for it existing than the fact it’s likely obtainable.

A big gift for all applicants, of Takahashi Kazuki-sensei’s card art of the two new cards

You’ll be able to get a set of card illustrations of “Magician of Black Chaos MAX” and “Blue-Eyes Alternative Ultimate Dragon”. A duplicate illustration in a fame with measurements of 260 mm x 260 mm, both of which have Takahashi-Sensei’s signature. It’s a super fancy item that’s perfect to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the “Official Card Game”!

Takahashi Kazuk-Sensei Card Illustration Reproduction Set (2 Pictures)

● Application Period: Until March 20th, 2019 (Until 23:59)
● Applicant Expense: 3000 Yen (Shipping Fee, Handling Fee and Tax Included)
※ To apply, you need a serial code attached in the April 2019 Issue of V Jump currently on sale.
※ Please confirm the application rules and methods via V Jump or the following URL



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