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[19PP] Duel Link Dragon

When you want to blend 5D’s and VRAINS, but the producers don’t want yet another Crow Hogan revival…or do they.

Kettouryuu Duel Link Dragon / Duel Link Dragon
Link 4 DARK Dragon Link Effect Monster
Link Arrows: Middle-Left, Middle-Right, Bottom-Left, Bottom-Right
Link Materials: 2+ monsters, including a Synchro Monster
You can use the (1)st effect with this card’s name only once per turn.
(1) During either player’s Main Phase (Quick Effect): You can banish from your Extra Deck either 1 “Power Tool” Synchro Monster or 1 Level 7 or 8 Dragon Synchro Monster; Special Summon, to your zone this card points to, 1 “Duel Dragon Token” with that banished monster’s Type, Attribute, Level, ATK, and DEF.
(2) While you control a “Duel Dragon Token”, your opponent cannot target this card for attacks or with card effects.

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