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[Merchandise] Amakuni Yuki Judai Figure

I believe we brought up this figure in a grey scale version recently.

Yuki Judai Figure

A figure modeled after Judai’s fusion with Yubel. The figure has been modeled to accurately match his look as a student of Osiris Red combined with his Academy Duel Disk from the 4th Season.

The figure comes with Judai’s classic “Gotcha!” pose and Winged Kuriboh (modeled as such that you won’t lose them).

The figure comes with limbs and faces you can swap to recreate poses as well as give Judai his “Power of Yubel” mode where he has Green and Orange odd-colored eyes.

Ordering Methods:

  • Monthly Hobby Japan 2018 January and February Mail Order
  • Hobby Japan Online Shop
  • Post Hobby Atsugi Shop on the 60th Floor Shop

Ordering Period: November 24th 2017 to January 16th, 2018

Price: 12,960 Yen plus Tax

Shipment: August to September 2018

Specifications: Painted 1:7 Scale PVC Model (23.5 cm)
Prototype: i-con Indigo Blue/Sky Blue
Colored Sample: Pinpoint
Production: AMAKUNI
Sales Agency: Hobby Japan

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