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Kotobukiya Figures Officially Coming To The West

Kotobukiya, who have made official figures for Yu-Gi-Oh! in Japan, are bringing them to the west for collectors to get, without them having to import them.


The figures they plan to release in the west include (according to ravegrl):

Atem (to be released at some point in 2017, Price Unknown)

Winter 2016:
Dark Magician “Duel with Destiny” version ($79.99)
Joey Wheeler ($69.99)
Seto Kaiba ($79.99)
Yami Yugi ($69.99)

Dark Magician Girl ($69.99)
Marik Ishtar ($79.99)
Yami Bakura ($89.99)
Yami Marik ($84.99)

Dark Side of Dimensions:
Apple Magician Girl ($99.99, September 2016)
Dark Magician Girl ($89.99, October 2016)
Lemon Magician Girl ($99.99, October 2016)

As noted, most of these figures are out of production in Japan, so this in theory should help relieve any market pressure and/or spiraling costs.

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