Astral Pack 5: Some cards revealed

The pack where Jenis gets foil treatment…let’s see if the rest of the pack is even that interesting.

Ultimate Rare (3/3):
Bujin Yamato
Gagaga Cowboy
Pot of Duality

Super Rare (10/10?:
Jenis, Lightsworn Mender
Mermail Abysspike
Bujingi Turtle
Full House
Card Trooper
Star Drawing
Advanced Ritual Art
Charge of the Light Brigade

Commons (0/13?)

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  • Regiruler

    Star Drawing super? All of my yes.

    • BOSS

      Ya….It is CLEARLY in the pic but isn’t listed. wtf

  • Mark Liu

    Lightsworn Burn is all the rage right now.

  • Phantomzx

    About damn time!

  • Lord Invishil

    Well, ulti Duality looks pretty nice

  • Dreadkaiser

    I want that star drawing and turtle
    the rest of that can go to hell

  • CSSA

    OH MY GAWD!!! that Ultimate Cowboy

  • Onyxsbayne

    Dude, Star Drawing is one of my favorites. Ugh, I never get any of these since I don’t go to tournaments 😛

    • Harley Dakota Thomas

      Buy them off TCG Player when the price goes down.

      Got a Super Soul Drain and Crimson Blade for about five bucks in total. Would’ve been a hell of a lot more had I got them around when the last Astral Pack came out.

  • Butter

    SWEET now I can have that holo Jenis I’ve never wanted!

  • Alexander Reed-Lofts

    …there’s already a super Charge :/

    • Mark Liu

      Speaking of which, there’s already been a super Wind-Up Shark, Blade Armor Ninja, and Super Cowboy as well … but you know … Konami …

  • Rose Aren

    >Ultimate Yamato


  • Dono

    Dat duality

  • ElDonKwan93

    A definite for me would be a UTR/SR Leo, Keeper of the Sacred Tree/Kaiser Colloseum if we get them. Some other holo random wants would probably consist of some of the none Holo Gladiator Beast support that’s decent. For instance, Augustus, Andal, Respite, and etc.

  • ElDonKwan93

    What about a holo Gragonith for us Lightsworn Enthusiasts?

  • Misty Masters

    Trooper should be common IMO, otherwise I’m perfectly fine with this pack. Holo ARA is long overdue, Super Charge proves the Super slots can be holo cards on occasion, etc. ;p But there better be a common Kaiser Colosseum.

    • Giantrat

      Trooper was printed as a common in RYMP. That printing is not expensive enough to warrant another common reprint.

      This is the first time it’s been printed as a super since Duel Terminal 2.

  • Alex Davis

    Not even a good pack unless there’s good stuff common like black horn, debunk, kaiser, vanity’s, etc type stuff. Cowboy isn’t that staple anymore, though it does look good ultimate. Duality is the best thing about this pack imo, but it’s already secret with tons of commons running around.

    • ryus

      You sure? It’s an staple for any deck that can bring rank 4. Those 800 points for burn win duels.

  • dehhh

    SHINY TURTLEEEE. Alright… Now just give us the crane, bby.

  • Ciphermask

    I just have a weird feeling that Yamato won’t be in the Bujin tin…

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