[RD/KP12] “Dragon Double-Doom” & “Double-Doom Dragon”

It’s time to double your fright! It’s time to double your fight!

RD/KP12-JP060 竜の二呪葬 Ryuu no Nijusou (Dragon’s Double-Doom)
Normal Trap Card
[REQUIREMENT] If you control a face-up High Dragon or Dragon monster, when your opponent’s monster declares an attack, you can activate this.
[EFFECT] You choose which of your monsters receives that attack. If you control 2 or more monsters with the same name, you can also destroy 1 monster your opponent controls.

RD/KP12-JP011 二呪葬の竜 Nijusou no Ryuu (Double-Doom Dragon)
Level 2 DARK Dragon Effect Monster
ATK 200
DEF 200
[REQUIREMENT] You can activate this by sending the top 2 cards of your Deck to the GY.
[EFFECT] You gain 200 LP. Then, you can choose 1 “Dragon Double-Doom” in your GY and directly Set it to your Spell & Trap Zone.

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