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Cards from the highest voted Duels of the 20th Duel Selection will be made into actual cards. These cards will be based on cards or scenes that played a key and vital role in these Duels!

For Each Era:

DM: Yugi VS Atem, the Final Duel of Destiny

GX: Judai VS Chronos, the Thank You Duel from Season 4

5D’s: Yusei VS Jack, the Series Finale Duel in Japan

ZEXAL: Yuma VS Astral, the Series Finale Duel

ARC-V: Sora VS Shun, in the Heartland City Field at the MCS!

Second Place for what it matters:
DM: Yugi VS Kaiba Battle City Finals
GX: Yugi VS Judai Series Finale
5D’s: Yusei vs Aki Fortune Cup Finals
ZEXAL: Vector VS Yuma in Sargasso
ARC-V: Sawatari VS Yuya, MCS


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The first Duel Selection Card is a remake of Gandora: Hakai Ryuu Gandora Giga Rays i.e. “Gandora Giga Rays the Dragon of Destruction”.


Tower Records Cafe x Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions


January 7th to 31st, 2017
Tower Records Cafe Shibuya
Tower Records Cafe Umeda NU Chaya-Machi
Entry Method: Prior Reservation
Reservation Tickets: December 10th, 2016 from 10:00AM Onwards


Mug Cup Domino City Version (3000 Yen)
T-Shirt Domino City Version (3800 Yen)


And there’s apparently an illustration for the cafe done by Kagami Takahiro, the movie’s general animator!



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