[Duel Links] Upcoming Events and Updates for September and October 2017

A major update is coming, likely meant to be the 2.0 Update of Duel Links.

For those not looking at the pictures, let’s go over the overview of what’s going on:

Early September 2017:

  • A Duelist Kingdom Event
  • You’ll have a chance to get “That character”, allowing you to revisit the story of the series from its beginning.
  • As well there’ll be a new ‘system’ in place, presumably of how you Duel.

Mid September 2017:

  • A certain character goes on a rampage
  • This event will give you exclusive rewards
  • The hint for it is “Someone’s in for a Trampling”. Also of note, in the Japanese text, the character in question is using ワイ, “Wai”.

Wai itself is a kinda out of date way of saying I in Kansai-ben, the way of speaking in Osaka/Kyoto-ish areas. Long story short, the one major character notorious for speaking like this in the original Duel Monsters comic/anime is the Japanese version of Rex Raptor. Not a hard confirmation, but it seems more likely than not that Rex Raptor is the focus of this event.

Late September Part 1:

  • A mysterious tower appears in the Duel World.
  • Inside are never before seen characters using all new sorts of strategies.

Last September Part 2:

  • Duel Links gets a major update (likely its 2.0 Update)
  • A new world appears
  • New characters appear
  • New Duel Missions
  • And a Log-In Bonus

Early October 2017:

  • A Duel-a-thon is going to be held
  • Fill up your Duel Meter to get Daily and Cumilative Prizes

Mid October 2017:

  • A new character event in Duel Links
  • The Hint is: “Dueling me will give you a spook that will put you in your grave!”

Again, not confirmation, but the accompanying Japanese Dialogue seems to heavily reference the Japanese version of the Zombie Duelist Bonz: Ghost Kotsuzuka.

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