[SEVENS] Cards from Episode 74

It’s close to midnight / And something evil’s lurking in the dark / Under the moonlight / You see a sight that almost stops your heart…

仮面ゾンビ・ベニス Kamen Zombie Venice (Masked Zombie Venice)
Level 3 DARK Zombie-Type Normal Monster
ATK 1300

Note: This card is named after the Venetian Festival.

サンバゾンビ・リオ Sanba Zombie Rio
Level 4 DARK Zombie-Type Normal Monster
ATK 1500

Note: This card is named after the Carnevale in Rio de Janeiro and the Sanba.

デビル・フランケン・シュライン Devil Franken Shrine (Cyber-Stein Shrine)
Level 7 DARK Zombie-Type Effect Monster
ATK 2500
[Requirement] If there is a Normal Monster (Level 4 or lower/Zombie-Type) in your Graveyard, you can activate this by sending the top card of your Deck to the Graveyard.
[Effect] Choose up to 2 Normal Monsters (Level 4 or lower/Zombie-Type) in your Graveyard and Special Summon them to your field face-up.

Note: This card is themed after the Ondo folk music, often associated with Japanese festivals. Also, Shrine sounds like Stein.

ゾンビ・カーニバル Zombie Carnival
Field Spell Card
[Requirement] None
[Effect] While this card is face-up in the Field Zone, face-up monsters (Zombie-Type) on the field gain 100 ATK and DEF x [The number of face-up monsters (Zombie-Type) on the field].

ビックリ・ゾンビクトリー Bikkuri Zomvictory (Surprise Zomvictory)
Normal Spell Card
[Requirement] If you control 2 or more face-up Normal Monsters (Zombie-Type), you can activate this.
[Effect] Choose up to 3 monsters your opponent controls and change their battle positions. Then, all face-up monsters (Zombie-Type) you control gain 100 ATK x [The number of Normal Monsters (Zombie-Type) in your Graveyard] until the end of the turn.

陀摩莉奈祭 Damarinasai (Lit. Damarina Festival/Ark & Ness Meming: Shut The Fest Up)
Normal Spell Card
[Requirement] If your opponent controls no Attack Position monsters, you can activate this.
[Effect] All Defense Position monsters your opponent control change to face-up Attack Position. Then, choose 1 face-up monster your opponent controls, it loses 1000 ATK x [The number of monsters your opponent controls] until the end of the turn.

Note: The name’s utter nonsense (lit. Steep Polish Jasmine What? Festival) but it’s basically shoving a festival name on top of the term “Damarinasai”, i.e. be silent (ordered/imperative).


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