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[TCG] Brothers of Legend Complete Setlist

The full setlist for Brothers of Legend is now available!

A selection of some of the highlights:

Full Setlist:
BROL-EN000 Number 17: Leviathan Dragon (Astral) (Starlight Rare)
BROL-EN001 Kuribah (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN002 Kuribee (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN003 Kuriboo (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN004 Kuribeh (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN005 Kuribabylon (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN006 Five Star Twilight (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN007 Yowie (Secret Rare)
BROL-EN008 Penguin Sword (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN009 D – Force (Secret Rare)
BROL-EN010 Doctor D (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN011 Dragonroid (Secret Rare)
BROL-EN012 Rebirth Judgment (Secret Rare)
BROL-EN013 Ice Barrier (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN014 Ice Knight (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN015 Summon Storm (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN016 Wing Requital (Secret Rare)
BROL-EN017 Noble Knight’s Shield-Bearer (Secret Rare)
BROL-EN018 Horse of the Floral Knights (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN019 Noble Knight’s Spearholder (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN020 Centaur Mina (Secret Rare)
BROL-EN021 Ecole de Zone (Secret Rare)
BROL-EN022 Soul Binding Gate (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN023 Piri Reis Map (Secret Rare)
BROL-EN024 Ice Mirror (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN025 ZW – Sylphid Wing (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN026 ZS – Ouroboros Sage (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN027 Ultimate Leo Utopia Ray (Secret Rare)
BROL-EN028 Zexal Catapult (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN029 Silent Sea Nettle (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN030 Number 4: Stealth Kragen (Secret Rare)
BROL-EN031 Stealth Kragen Spawn (Secret Rare)
BROL-EN032 Grandpa Demetto (Secret Rare)
BROL-EN033 Doll House (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN034 Starving Venemy Dragon (Secret Rare)
BROL-EN035 Speedroid Scratch (Secret Rare)
BROL-EN036 Lyrilusc – Bird Strike (Secret Rare)
BROL-EN037 Toy Parade (Secret Rare)
BROL-EN038 Cipher Biplane (Secret Rare)
BROL-EN039 Cipher Interference (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN040 Double Exposure (Secret Rare)
BROL-EN041 FA.I.ghting Spirit (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN042 A.I.’s Show (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN043 Appliancer Propelion (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN044 Appliancer Conversion (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN045 Altergeist Memorygant (Secret Rare)
BROL-EN046 Altergeist Pookuery (Secret Rare)
BROL-EN047 Altergeist Fijialert (Secret Rare)
BROL-EN048 Right-Hand Shark (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN049 Left-Hand Shark (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN050 Hidden Fangs of Revenge (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN051 White Mirror (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN052 The Ice-Bound God (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN053 Astraltopia (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN054 Zexal Field (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN055 The Deal of Destiny (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN056 Numbers Protection (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN057 Number 99: Utopia Dragonar (Secret Rare)
BROL-EN058 ZS- Utopic Sage (Secret Rare)
BROL-EN059 Number 39: Utopia (New Art) (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN060 Hyper Rank-Up-Magic Utopiforce (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN061 Astral Kuriboh (Secret Rare)
BROL-EN062 Kuriboh (alt art) (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN063 Kuribohrn (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN064 Performapal Kuribohble (Secret Rare)
BROL-EN065 Detonate (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN066 Magician’s Souls (Secret Rare)
BROL-EN067 Red-Eyes Fusion (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN068 Evil HERO Adusted Gold (Secret Rare)
BROL-EN069 Evil HERO Malicious Bane (Secret Rare)
BROL-EN070 Thought Ruler Archfiend (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN071 Shooting Star Dragon (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN072 Starlight Road (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN073 Number 89: Diablosis the Mind Hacker (Secret Rare)
BROL-EN074 Gardala, the Mystery Dust Kaiju (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN075 Interrupted Kaiju Slumber (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN076 Kaiju Capture Mission (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN077 Eidos the Underworld Squire (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN078 Edea the Heavenly Squire (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN079 The Phantom Knights of Ragged Gloves (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN080 Nibiru, the Primal Being (Secret Rare)
BROL-EN081 Infernoid Decatron (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN082 Infernoid Tierra (Secret Rare)
BROL-EN083 Wind-Up Arsenal Zenmaioh (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN084 Inzektor Exa-Beetle (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN085 Downerd Magician (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN086 Beatrice, Lady of the Eternal (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN087 Relinquished Anima (Secret Rare)
BROL-EN088 Allure of Darkness (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN089 Fossil Dig (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN090 Forbidden Droplet (Secret Rare)
BROL-EN091 Rank-Up-Magic Argent Chaos Force (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN092 Resurgam Xyz (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN093 Void Feast (Ultra Rare)
BROL-EN094 Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon (Starlight Rare)



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