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PROPLICA Duel Disk Details

Premium Bandai’s preorder page for the 1/1 scale Duel Disk has gone up, and with it, many more details about the product itself.
The Duel Disk measures about 715 mm (roughly 28 inches) in length, and as announced previously, comes with light and sound features. Of particular note this time around is a breakdown of the various zones on the Disk, and their associated gimmicks.

Life Counter

Quote Button (furthest left black button)
BGM Button (red button)
Life Adjustment Buttons (remaining 4 black buttons)
Life Counter 
– The display can be flipped!
– Life totals can be increased and decreased with the life adjustment buttons!!
Monster Zone (bottom left)

Monster Zone

I’ll have you kneel before God!
Come forth, Obelisk the Tormentor!!

When summoning a monster, by pressing on the field for a short time, the monster zone will light up, and the sound effect for [summoning a monster in] Attack Position will play. By pressing for a longer time, the sound effect for [Setting a monster in] Defense Position will play instead. The lights and sounds will play regardless of the battle position of the monster card.







Spell & Trap Zone

Reverse card open,
Enemy Controller!

You can set up to 5 Spell/Trap Cards underneath the Monster Zones. The in-show gimmick of inserting Spell and Trap Cards into the back of the Duel Disk has been faithfully reproduced!

*There are some spaces where it will be difficult to insert cards.




Field Zone

The winds of battle blow in the place where we fight! Forever!!

Pulling out the side of the Disk reveals a Zone for Field Spells.








Deck Zone

Now draw your sword from your deck!

The Deck Zone fits not only the included plastic cards, but a deck of up to 40 cards as well – even with sleeves.

(Fits 59x86mm cards, and sleeved cards up to 63x90mm)

10 plastic cards are included!








I offer a sacrifice to God!

The Graveyard, for any used or destroyed cards, can hold a maximum of 40 cards.
*It cannot hold 40 sleeved cards.

It’s also easy to take cards out!









Extra Deck & Banished Card Slot

From three thousand years beyond, evolve into your ultimate form, my most powerful servant!!

The Extra Deck slot can hold up to 15 sleeved cards, so you can even duel with present-day decks.

There is also a slot specifically for any cards banished during the Duel.







There is also a longer (but not full) list of the Seto Kaiba quotes, BGM, and sound effects the Duel Disk will play.

Seto Kaiba Quotes (over 40 in all):
– Strong! Invincible! Ultimate!! (Kyoujin! Muteki! Saikyou!!)
– Your visions of the future don’t scare me! I walk my own road! And I make my own future! (Ore wa mirai nado ni michibikare wa shinai! Ore no fumishirushita roodo! Sore ga mirai to naru no da!!)
– Burst Stream of Destruction (Horobi no baasuto sutoriimu)
– You worthless trash…You made me damage a rare card!! (Kisama no okage de…reakaado wo kizutsuitawa!!)
– I’ll answer with my deck…and it’s furious! (Ikari no rinkaiten wo koeta, ore no dekki ga kotaeteyaru)
– Now draw your sword from your deck! (Dekki kara kaado no ken wo nuke)
– Heh heh heh heh heh heh…Ahahahahahahah! Ahhhhahahahahaha!(Laugh)
– I’ve already seen through your counterattack! (Sonna hangeki wa yometeiru waa!)
– Thrilling…how thrilling! (Takaburu, takaburu zo!)
– Destruction! Death! And applause! (Funsai! Gyokusai! Daikassai!)
– Wahahaha!! Yes! This is great! This is so cool! (Fuhahahaa, Sugoi zoo kakkoii zoo)
– Nonsense! Nonsense! Nonsense!! This is completely unscientific! (Kudaran kudaran! Kudaran!! Hiikagakuteki da!)

*Playable quotes will change based on Life Point totals.

BGM (4 total):
– Passionate Duelists (Atsuki Duelist-tachi)
– Battle of Gods (Kamigami no Tatakai)
– The Fang of Critias (Critias no Kiba)
– God’s Rage (Kami no Ikari)

Sound Effects:
– Setting a Card
– Summoning a Monster
– Life Counter Change
– ATK/DEF Display
and more.

Lastly, there is a display stand included:




Wahahaha!! Yes! This is great! This is so cool!



You can place the Duel Disk on the included base as a display piece. Its mechanical design highlights the Disk even more.

This Duel Disk gets my adrenaline pumping, and brings my very blood to a boil!!










The Duel Disk will be available for preorder at ¥21,600 (~$193USD), but will not ship to customers outside of Japan. (A proxy shipping service is your best bet.)

Premium Bandai product page here.


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