[TCG] The Dark Illusion Checklist

…and Sneak Peek playmat.

We can see that the world premiers and imports are broken down as follows:

TDIL-EN081 TCG Exclusive Spell
TDIL-EN082 TCG Exclusive Effect Monster
TDIL-EN083 TCG Exclusive Effect Monster
TDIL-EN084 TCG Exclusive Effect Monster
TDIL-EN085 TCG Exclusive Spell
TDIL-EN086 TCG Exclusive Effect Monster
TDIL-EN087 TCG Exclusive Effect Monster
TDIL-EN088 TCG Exclusive Effect Monster
TDIL-EN089 TCG Exclusive Spell

TDIL-EN091 Import Effect Monster
TDIL-EN092 Import Xyz Monster
TDIL-EN093 Import Spell
TDIL-EN094 Import Pendulum/Effect Monster
TDIL-EN095 Import Spell
TDIL-EN096 Import Trap
TDIL-EN097 Import Trap
TDIL-EN098 Import Trap
TDIL-EN098 Import Trap
TDIL-EN099 Import Xyz Monster

Speculate as you will. It is already rumored that a certain Korean archetype will make its TCG debut here..

Source: http://www.yugioh-card.com/en/events/sneakpeek/sneakpeek_info.html


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