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[Duel Links] Super Joey event info

The details regarding the second iteration of this mini-event.

His card reward pool for beating his Level 40 Deck (and subsequently for his Level 30 Deck) are in the following list. (Italicized entries are the rewards you don’t get from the “regular Joey”, and the bolded entries are new rewards that didn’t appear in the last ‘Super Joey’ event.)

Divine Knight Ishzark (SR)
Meteor Dragon Red-Eyes Impact (SR)
Graceful Dice (SR)
Red-Eyes Insight (SR)
Giltia the D. Knight (R)
Alligator’s Sword (R)
Dangerous Machine Type-6 (R)
Hinotama (R)
Protector of the Throne (N)
Guardian of the Labyrinth (N)

Another new addition to this event is that you can earn a free copy of each “Meteor Dragon Red-Eyes Impact” and “Red-Eyes Spirit” in-game, but only if you win 7 Duels against Super Joey (for Meteor Dragon) and play a total of 15 Duels against Super Joey (for Spirit).

His Level 30 Deck contents have changed since the last mini-event, and are the following:

Black Dragon’s Chick x2
Blue Dragon Summoner x3
Element Dragon x3
Poki Draco x3
Red-Eyes B. Dragon

Dragon’s Gunfire x2
Stamping Destruction x2
Tribute Doll

Damage Gate x3

You can safely use the ‘Labyrinth Builder’ Paradox Brothers’ Skill against Joey to stall him while you assemble a way to defeat him with a high Duel Assessment score.

His Level 40 Deck however, has not been changed since the last event:

Red-Eyes B. Dragon x2

Blue Dragon Summoner x2
Cave Dragon x2
Desert Twister
Red-Eyes Wyvern x2
Twin-Headed Behemoth
Vanguard of the Dragon x3

Stamping Destruction x2

Kunai with Chain
Red-Eyes Spirit x2
Spiritual Wind Art – Miyabi