“Sword Master of the Bewitching Iris” Reference Art

Fortunately, Fleurdelis seems to be a bit savvy as to the nature of her boss.

“Sword Master of the Bewitching Iris” Reference Art

Of Note:

  • Yes, this is Fleurdelis.
  • Her swords can switch to an electric shock mode.
  • The other two with her in Interluder are Adin and Theo.
  • And it seems to be suggested Ecclesia was her squire back when they were members of the nation of Dogmatika, a relationship spanning back at least 10 years.
  • She’s let her hair grow out
  • She can no longer fly. (Presumably due to sealing her stigmata or the lack of her armor, but it’s not clarified why)
  • By certain means, she has sealed away her stigmata.


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