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[OCG Promos] March Subscription Promos

The Subscription Promotional Cards for V Jump for a 1 Year Subscription. These should be with the March 21st, 2017 issue of V Jump for subscribers.

Please note these are both descriptions of their usage in the manga and have no bearing with how they might be in real life.

They are Yuya’s Performapal Card Gardna, a Level 3 monster with 1000 ATK and DEF that gained DEF equal to Yuya’s other Card Gardnas in the manga.

And Sora’s Edge Imp Cotton Eater, a Level 7 Edge Imp Pendulum Monster with 2400 ATK that inflicts 1000 Damage for each Frightfur monster in the Graveyard.

We’ll keep you guys abreast as to the details of these cards as information becomes available.


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