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[VRAINS] Voice Cast and New Characters Revealed

So the little yellow eyed gremlin is still being called “The Mysterious Organism”.

藤木遊作/Playmaker (Fujiki, Yusaku/Playmaker)
Voiced by 石毛翔弥 Ishige, Shouya

This is his first debut role as a major character in an animated series, with his previous work being stage musicals, playing Simba in the Lion King.

謎の生命体 The Mysterious Lifeform
Voiced by 櫻井孝宏 Sakurai, Takahiro

A long runner in the anime industry, he’s played multiple series voices such as Tentomon from Digimon Adventure, Yu Kanda from the 2000s adaptation of D.Gray-man, Suzaku from Code Geass, Sasori from Naruto, Makishima Shougo from Psychopass, and is the Japanese voice of Cloud Strife of Final Fantasy VII fame. And Rohan from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

草薙翔一 Kusanagi, Shoichi
Voiced by: 木村昴 Kimura, Subaru

The voice actor for Takeshi Goda since 2005. His other notable role is as Terasaka Ryōma from Assassination Classroom. Both are delinquent/bully type characters, though the latter ends up reformed and a recurring secondary-tertiary protagonist.

島直樹 Shima Naoki
Voiced by 沢城千春 Sawashiro, Chiharu

A relative newcomer, he’s played the voices of mostly minor roles, though he has also done the voice of Shiga, Masamune in Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters’ Japanese Version.

鬼塚豪/Go鬼塚 Onizuka, Gou / Go Onizuka
Voiced by 濱野大輝 Hamano, Daiki

Another relative new comer, this is one of his first major anime roles. He’s played Angel in X-Men: Apocalypse’s Japanese Dub, but has also done various voice work for Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, including:

• The headmaster of Michio’s cooking school
• One of the Obelisk Force
• Carl of the Knight of Duels
• Damon Lopez

財前葵/ブルーエンジェル Zaizen, Aoi/Blue Angel
Voiced by 中島由貴 Nakashima, Yuki

A newer voice actress who has recently appeared as a major character in lower run anime series such as Onigiri, her most notable role of significance is as Otokura, Yuki in The [email protected]: Cinderella Girls.

財前晃 Zaizen, Akira
Voiced by 山本匠馬 Yamamoto, Shouma

For simplicity’s sake, his most notable role for readers here is as V, the eldest Arclight brother in Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL.

別所エマ Bessho, Ema
Voiced by 鎌倉有那 Kamakura, Yuna

A new voice actress with nothing major to her resume.

リボルバー Revolver
Voiced by 武内駿輔 Takeuchi, Shunsuke

Amusingly his major role of note besides as Revolver is as the Producer from [email protected]: Cinderella Girls, Black Archer from the Fate/Apochyra anime and Dragon Ryu from Duel Masters VSRF.

Ishige, Shouya’s Comment

Q. What was your impression when you were chosen to play Fujiki Yusaku.
A. At first, it was “I’ve been chosen. To voice Fujiki Yusaku.”. When I learned I would be voicing him, my mind went blank for a bit. I was shocked, thinking “No way, me?”. But then, I felt excited that I could voice a role in “Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS”.

Q. Please give a message to the viewers looking forward to the show’s broadcast.
A. I plan to do my best, while enjoying my work, to help make “Yu-Gi-Oh!” even more exciting and so viewers can enjoy “Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS” as well.

Sakurai, Takahiro’s Comments

It is Sakurai, Takahiro who will be playing the role as the “Mysterious Organism”. This shocking character’s visual…! What kind of role, what kind of story does he have. I’m really glad to be able to work on this historical production. I will do my very best!

Kimura, Subaru’s Comments

I’m feeling delightfully happy. I’ve been assigned to a pretty important role, which makes me feel rather tense that I’ll be playing Kusanagi for quite some time, but I think I’ll be able to enjoy it as well. I’ll be glad if I can make sure viewers watching the series are excited. Thank you very much!

Sawashiro, Chiharu’s Comments

I was really glad when I was chosen to voice a character in this show! It’s a series I’ve dreamed of working on since I was in elementary school! I’ll try my very best!!!!! I hope to see you all (o^^o)!!

Hamano, Daiki’s Comments

When I saw the character, I was impressed by his smile and large frame. I want to perform the role while not losing the sense of scale of the character. To all you “Yu-Gi-Oh!” fans out there… …Please looking to his cards in action in “Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS”‘s novel approach to the series! I want to be able to pull off this role as the Shawn Michaels/The Heartbreak Kid of the “Yu-Gi-Oh!” world!

Nakashima, Yuki’s Comments

I’m so excited since I thought I wouldn’t be a good fit for the role of “Zaizen, Aoi”!! I’ll do my best to make sure you enjoy Aoi’s charms! Please support “Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS”!

Yamamoto, Shouma’s Comments

This time, Yamamoto Shouma shall be voicing Zaizen Akira. In the past I’ve played two roles in the “Yu-Gi-Oh!” franchise, so I plan to do my very best using my prior experience with this series, so please support me!

Kamakura, Yuna’s Comments

When I found out I’d be able to appear this time as an actor for the “Yu-Gi-Oh!” franchise, which I’ve been watching since I was young, I blanked out from sheer surprise and excitement. I’ll do my best to play the female character, Ema. I’ll do my best in Attack Position to make sure everyone can enjoy the show!

Takeuchi, Shunsuke’s Comments

Since this series I’m working on is part of a franchise I’ve followed since I was young, the fact I can participate in it as an actor is something I feel honored by. I’ll try my best to show the impression I felt to people all over the world. Please enjoy this new series!



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