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[ARC-V] Monsters from Scale 36

Specifically further clarifications of two of Yuya’s monsters!

EMミス・ディレクター Performapal Miss Director
Level 6
DEF 2000
If you control monsters other than this cards, this card cannot be targeted for an attack.
If this card in a Monster Zone is in Defense Position, “Odd-Eyes” monsters you control cannot be destroyed by battle, and you take no battle damage from that battle.
You can Synchro Summon by Special Summoning 1 Level 1 monster from the Graveyard and using it as a material.

EMオッドアイズ・バトラー Performapal Odd-Eyes Butler
Level 5
ATK 1000
DEF 2100
Pendulum Scale: 2
Pendulum Effect:
When an opponent’s monster attacks, you can return 1 “Odd-Eyes” Pendulum Monster in the GY to the Extra Deck, to gain LP equal to that ATK and negate that attack.



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