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[Duel Links] 2.5.0 Updates

Mostly important technical updates.

The Vagabond will be improved

Improvements will be provided to the character select screen.

The ability to display banners as a list (PC version)

An error regarding Tribute Doll (titled “Felgrand Dragon” here due to some internal tomfoolery) and Metamorphosed Insect Queen will be resolved.

You’ll now be able to set different accessories for each Deck. (You will not longer be able to set your Sleeves or Playmats at the Card Studio)

Improvements to the Card Trader (including return of old contents as well as ease of purchasing long runners at any time)

Ability to report on your opponent in Player vs Player Duels

Ability to surrender during your opponent’s turn.

Addition of icons to make it it clear that your opponent is disconnected and trying to reconnected.

An increased cap on Gold and Stones.


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