[OCG] Summer Events Announced

Basically a two stage event to get special goods raffled off

Special Summer Event: “Duelist Kingdom – Destiny Draw Challenge!! -”

This summer will be packed with fun events at card shops all across Japan!

Starting July 13th, there will be a free fight event called “Mission1: Voyage to the Kingdom” you can participate in to get an ‘invitation’, and then in late August 2019, you’ll be able to participate in “Mission 2: Destiny Draw”!

“Mission 2: Destiny Draw” lets you accumulate points through Duels, and then use those points to “Destiny Draw” (i.e. a lottery/raffle), with the chance to get your hands on special luxury goods!

◆ “Mission 1: Voyage to the Kingdom” Rewards
・ Special Sleeves “Duelist Kingdom” (10 Sleeves)
・ An Invitation to “Mission 2: Destiny Draw”!

◆ Sample Goods for the Destiny Draw at “Mission 2: Destiny Draw”
・ Rubber Duel Field
・ Special Sleeves

There are other prizes available!



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