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[TCG] 2019 Lost Art Promotion

After the success of Exodia and Monster Reborn from last year, it’s Ha Des’ time to shine.

Note, this is announced for the European/Oceanic regions. We’ll give further updates if/when North America decides to go along with it.

This time around, the cards being released are:

  • Ring of Destruction
  • Lesser Fiend
  • Soul Drain
  • Dark Ruler Ha Des
  • Skill Drain
  • Call of the Haunted

The run down is as follows:

New treasures unearthed! Six cards that have existed since the early days of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME are about to surface with new artwork through KONAMI Digital Entertainment B.V.’s Lost Art Promotion, beginning February 2019 at participating KONAMI Official Tournament Stores in Europe and Oceania.


Six different Lost Art Promotional cards will each be available during a different month, and each promotional card will ONLY be available at Official Tournament Stores. During the Lost Art Promotion, customers who spend at least £/€30 (or local equivalent) on sealed Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME products at participating Official Tournament Stores will receive a FREE Lost Art Promotional card with their purchase, while supplies last. All artwork on the cards available in the Lost Art Promotion has never been available outside of Asia.


In the new year, the Lost Art Promotion will be active in two, 3-month periods: first in February, March, April, and then June, July, and August. During these months, purchasing Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME products from Official Tournament Stores will make customers eligible to receive a Lost Art Promotional card.

Starting off strong in February, customers at Official Tournament Stores will receive a special copy of an Ultra Rare Ring of Destruction. The previously Forbidden Trap Card Ring of Destruction features explosive artwork that was released in Asia 18 years ago, now available in globally for the first time!


The rest of this year’s promotional cards are different than last year’s promotional cards, but are certain to be just as much of a hit! During this promotion’s run, Duelists will be able to get Call of the HauntedDark Ruler Ha DesLesser FiendSkill Drain, and Soul Drain from the Lost Art Promotion, also with artwork that has never been seen outside of Asia.


The Lost Art Promotion finally gives Duelists an opportunity to receive iconic cards from the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga and animated series with different art. Whether they are cards that find a place in competitive Dueling like Call of the Haunted and Skill Drain, to popular and fan-favorite cards like Dark Ruler Ha Des and Ring of Destruction, the Lost Art Promotion gives Duelists a rare opportunity to get perennial cards as a new Lost Art variant with previously unavailable artwork.


All cards available through the Lost Art Promotion are only available at participating Official Tournament Stores!



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