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Saikyo Battle Royale Update 2 DLC Confirmed

Get some next generation Decks!

The Second Update is Live for Yu-Gi-Oh! Saikyo Battle Royale is finally live, and besides the previously mentioned updates, DLC is included where you can buy a set of 1 of every card in existing pack for 980 Yen, Starter Decks for Yuga and Luke for 380 Yen, and pre-constructed Decks for 480 Yen

The Pre-Constructed Decks are:

Air Formula Eagle Focused WIND Deck
Supreme Flagship Magnum Overlord + Ultimate Flag Deck
Pyro-Type Deck
Psychic-Type Deck
Sportsdragon Dragon-Type Deck
Accel Wonders Spellcaster-Type Deck

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