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[Rush Duel] Battle Pack 2022 Vol. 2 Cards Confirmed!

But no article was provided allowing us to read the flavor text, sorry!

RD/B222-JP001 Curse of Dragon
RD/B222-JP002 Mystical Sandbox
RD/B222-JP003 Kanan the Pretty Sword Mistress
RD/B222-JP004 Amazing Dealer (Reprint)
RD/B222-JP005 Apocalypse – Beast Gear World (Reprint)
RD/B222-JP006 Spirit of the Mini Harp
RD/B222-JP007 Heartless Hound Blade Aikuchihuahua
RD/B222-JP008 Psychic Kappa
RD/B222-JP009 Kappa Rapper
RD/B222-JP010 Kappa Avenger



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