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OP/ED: On The 2019 NAWCQ

A short short thank you to everyone at Pittsburgh as well as some stream links

This weekend, I along with fellow Numbers Dan, Redshift and PharoahAtem, all had the pleasure of spending the weekend in Pittsburgh for the NAWCQ. Getting to meet new duelists as well as meeting some long time friends in person for the first time was wonderful. Pittsburgh was one of the best cities I’ve had the pleasure of travelling to. August Henry’s Burger Bar was so good, I ate there twice. Bill’s Bar & Burger and Condado Tacos were fantastic, the Pittsburgh International Jazz Festival had fantastic performances. And I can not forget getting one of the best haircuts I’ve ever had at Joe Madia’s Barber Shop.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank Terry, Tyler, Dom, Jackson, Dan, Earl, Ryan, Jordan (both P. and B., love y’all) Matt, J.D., Chris, Cutler, Dablessin & his Awesome Brother, Will, Javi, Lexis, Miguel, Kev, Roberto the barber, the duelist wh saw Dan and I at the restaurant Saturday and both of Waitresses at August Henry’s along with a few others who’s names I sadly didn’t get, for all being wonderful people. I said like 5 words to some of you, but all the same. I’d like to thank all the wonderful staff at Konami for running the event so smoothly. I’d like to thank the people of Pittsburgh in general for being sme of the most welcoming people I’ve met. And I’d like to apologize to Alex, Leon and Orion whom I didn’t get a chance to meet this weekend.

I urge all of you reading this, if you ever get the chance, to travel to a YCS or WCQ. This weekend reminded me that these events are gatherings for some of the best parts of the community, in many different fantastic travel destinations. Even if no one else wants you to enjoy yourself at them, just know that I do.

and if you missed out on the stream this weekend, or just want to rewatch some of the highlights of the format, you can check those out below:

Day 1 (Worlds Points Play-Off)
Day 2 (Main Event rounds 1-9)
Day 3 (Main Event Rounds 10-12 and Top Cut)


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