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Reference Art for Acty of the Icejade

So you want to know what’s up with the Icejade? Here’s a bit of info.

From Left To Right, Top to Bottom:

  • Hisui no Acty (Acty of the Icejade) Design Koori Koomori (Icebat)
  • A primordial-like pattern appears Icejade energy
  • Dense <——> Thick
  • Has a solid coolant-like property
  • [circle pointing] Icejade used by the Xiangjian
  • here ->
  • Icejade kudzu accessory
  • When the black parts completely cover their humanoid-forms, they return to the Icejade
  • Doesn’t pop because it’s frozen | V
  • It’s kind of like their bodily fluid ->
  • Bubble blowing straws given by the Xiangjian as a toy is very popular right now amongst them
  • Zoom-Up
  • <- Acty
  • Cross-Section View
  • Snow
  • | V
  • To the icejade lake

Thanks to Eva for the Translation



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