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[RD/KP06] Harami Kushirou the Shichirin Samurai

Nick’s ace monster has been revealed!

RD/KP06-JP025 七輪の侍ハラミ・クシロウ Shichirin Samurai Harami Kushirou (Harami Kushirou the Shichirin Samurai)
Level 7 FIRE Beast Effect Monster
ATK 2200
DEF 900
[Requirement] During your Main Phase that this card was Normal or Special Summoned, you can activate if there are 7 or more monsters (FIRE) in your Graveyard.
[Effect] Destroy all face-up monsters (Level 8 or lower/2500 ATK or higher) your opponent controls.

• Harami is a cut of meat in cow based on the thinner side of the Diaphragm
• A Shichirin is a Japanese grill
• A Kushi is a Spit or Skewer. Rou means Wolf.



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