[RD/KP02] Catapult Devilkong

Beast-Warriors rising.

RD/KP02-JP028  獣機界王カタパルト・デビルコング Catapult Devilkong, King of the Beast Gear World
Level 7
[Requirement] Activate by sending up to 2 face-up monsters (Beast-Warrior-Type) on your field, except this card, to the Graveyard.
[Effect] Choose a number of Defense Position monsters on your opponent’s field up to [the number of monsters sent to the Graveyard for the requirement of this effect] and destroy them.
-Rush Duel-

NOTE: the name can be quite a mouthful. It simply lists “beast”, “machine”, “world” and “king/ruler” without much reference as to how these are connected. From the art and other similar monsters, we can infer that this monster is at the top of some world where humanoid beasts ride heavy machines. Juukikai is a homonym to heavy machinery replacing “heavy” with “beast”.

Note: Based on the anime, it would appear Juukikai is partially to be taken as “Beast Gear World”.


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