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[Duel Links] Syrus Truesdale Event

Zane’s little brother joins Duel Links temporarily with the current event.

Syrus tries to hit on Tour Guide and it, naturally, fails horribly.

He’s not unlockable for those curious. So he joins Zane and Jesse.

  • Expressroid (UR)
  • Submarineroid (SR)
  • Inverse Universe (SR)
  • Ambulance Rescueroid (SR)
  • Pair Cycroid (SR)
  • Rescueroid (R)
  • Supercharge (R)
  • Carrieroid (R)
  • Ambulanceroid (R)
  • Patroid (R)

The event’s key cards are Pair Cycroid and Inverse Universe

  • Expressroid: Play 15 Duels against Syrus
  • Pair Cyroid: Win 7 Duels against Syrus
  • Ambulance Rescueroid: Win 3 Duels against Syrus
  • Rescueroid: Win 1 Duel against Syrus
  • Ambulanceroid: Win 1 Duel against Syrus taking no Damage by using Jaden
  • Supercharge: Wiin 3 Duels against Syrus taking no Damage by using Jaden

The event itself is basically just a Wandering Duelist event, no major difference from Roba or Zane. Just Duel and Syrus shows up eventually.


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