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[OCG] [CYHO] Standardization

It’s CYHO-JP079, so you know what that means. Shenanigans.

CYHO-JP079 Tan’itsuka/Standardization
(1): Target 1 face-up monster your opponent controls; this turn, the ATK of all other monsters on the field becomes equal to that monster’s ATK.

TL Note: The art is adding a layer of wordplay. “Tan’itsuka” can be broken down into “tan’itsu”, meaning “single” or “sole”, and the “ka” kanji meaning “form”, “become,” “-ification”. However, if you read the kanji as “tan’ichi” instead, it means “type 1”, or “size D”. So the art is not only showing the Batterymen getting in size adapters, they’re all getting into size D adapters, making this also a case of “Type D-ification”.


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One of the other translators. Drops rare items before scuttling away.