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Official Yu-Gi-Oh! Cafe Menu Update

The officially licensed Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! Cafe is returning for August and comes with new items.


The regular Yugi is added with his own version of the “Millennium Puzzle Drink”

It contains Grapeade, Blue Hawaii Syrup, Mixed Berries, Fresh Cream, and a slice of Sponge Cake

Kaito/Kite comes with “Kaito’s Hot Cocoa”

Cocoa, Fresh Cream and Chocolate Sauce

Dark Atem’s drink has been modified with a light variation of ingredients, Jack’s meal now comes with guaranteed Shortcake, and Yuya’s Soda comes with Cream Soda.


Number 39: Utopia’s “The White Wings That Carry Hope” is made up of a┬áJapanese Rice Omelet, some white sauce, Mint Cherries, and Ketchup.

Anzu’s burger has the meat changed to Teriyaki, Yuya’s Pancake comes with fried whitefish and Jack’s Synchro Bento now has Octopus.


New is the Sora “I Fusion Summon using “Ice Cream” and “Pudding”” Dessert, made of Pudding, Marbled Ice Cream, Fresh Crea, Spongecake and “Candy” (a lollipop here)

Also the Kuriboh eyeballs have been changed for their dessert to something more resembling the official eyeballs.


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