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[OCG] Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Times (April 10th, 2021)

The general notes and slides from this time around.

“Dark Magician” Promo

Today’s Schedule is:

  • A How-To Guide of the New “Stardust Dragon” related cards from DAWN OF MAJESTY
  • Deck Presentation Battle
  • Unrevealed Cards from DAWN OF MAJESTY Part 1 & How To Guide
  • List Kingdom
  • Unrevealed Cards from DAWN OF MAJESTY Part 2 & How To Guide


The new Stardust cards previously revealed

Shooting Majestic Star Dragon

Ms. Enako (The Dark Magician Girl cosplayer) and her “Blue-Eyes” Deck

Deck 1: Performapal Magician

1. This Deck can use every Summoning method!
2. It can flexibly make all sorts of plays!
3. You’ll learn a ton about Yu-Gi-Oh! by using this Deck

Darkest Diabolos, Lord of the Lair

1. Being a Level 8 Dragon makes it the best of all worlds! It works well with Decks like Ms. Enako’s Blue-Eyes Deck! Not only can you use it with “Trade-In”, it also works with “The Melody of Awakening Dragon”

2. It’s strong since it can’t be Tributed nor can it be targeted by effects. This makes it harder for your opponent’s Deck to break your board!

3. Due to its visual aesthetic and “Lair of Darkness”, it’s the perfect design for anyone who’s a Chuni edgelord.

“Junk Warrior” Centric Yusei Deck

1. It’s a Deck centered on “Junk Warrior”, one of the ace monsters of the protaganist of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s, Fudo Yusei.

2. It’s very compatible with “Junk Synchron” and “Junk Convertor”

3. Again, Fudo Yusei.dek

ME-PSY-YA is Dawn of Majesty’s Holographic Rare!

Grandoremichord’s artwork

Sparkle Sparkle Sparkle

Shooting Majestic Star Dragon from the Commercial

An assortment of cards from the commercial


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