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[OCG] Text change for Cyber Blader

No, it doesn’t magically start supporting Cyber Angel rituals.

With the reprint of Cyber Blader in Dimension Box, a small but significant change has been introduced to its text.


The first change we see is a re-structuring of the effect with the current text format in the OCG. Instead of having 3 separate effects, Cyber Blader now has one effect that grants it its various effects depending on the number of monsters the opponent controls, as usual. This is not a functional change, it merely simplifies how to read the card.

The actual change is in the effect that is applied while the opponent controls 3 monsters. Up until now, the continuous effect of Cyber Blader would negate any of the opponent’s effects. With the newest print, Cyber Blader negates only the effects of the opponent that are activated. In other words, it no longer negates effects that do not activate like Majesty’s Fiend, Anti-Spell Fragrance, etc.

GX fans may remember that negating a continuous effect is exactly how this card defeated a certain Matador. Some flavor has been lost. As usual, there’s no indication on when this change will arrive to the TCG.