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[OCG] Remote Duel Battle Royale

The rest of East Asia’s joining in on the fun!

Remote Duel Battle Royale

Starting March 6th, 2021, people can join a Battle Royale to be crowned the King of Games, via Konami’s Asian Remote Duel Server.

Buy 10 Booster Packs to get a Scratch Tciket to let you join a battle royale event via Remote Duel!

Event Period: March 6th 2021 to March 21st 2021

Win 5 Games to get 1 of 2 Event Exclusive Playmats:

Doll Monsters

Red-Eyes Black Dragon

Play 3 Games to get 1 of 2 Event Exclusive Sleeves

Garden Rose Flora

Red-Eyes Black Dragon

Prize will be chosen at random. Supplies are limited.



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