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[OCG] Potential Product – A new Structure?!

Surely, by now, you’ve seen our posts about the most promising List Leak.

Snake isn’t done lurking around the secret halls of information yet, though.

Here’s what Snake has had to say regarding non-List news as of late. We’ll be bringing you more information as it develops.

576 :転載禁止 (Snake) :2013/08/16(金) 12:57:02.76 ID:iggLY8p8O12月
ストラクチャーデッキ 機光龍襲雷
Structure Deck Kikouryuu Shuurai
(Maybe part of the Structure’s name is read as “Cyber”?)
In the Kamishiro Sibling pack, there’s Guard Penguin, Silent Angler, Double Fin Shark
Torrential Tribute reprint

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