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[OCG] Millennium Pack Spoiler List

Just an overview of what’s in here

MP01-JP001 The Winged Dragon of Ra – God Phoenix (Secret Rare)
MP01-JP002 Infernal Curse of Dragon (Ultra Rare)
MP01-JP003 Holding Arms (Ultra Rare)
MP01-JP004 Holding Legs (Ultra Rare)
MP01-JP005 Chaos Emperor Dragon – Envoy of the End (Super Rare)
MP01-JP006 Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning (Super Rare)
MP01-JP007 Electromagnetic Turtle (Super Rare)
MP01-JP008 Gandora the Dragon of Destruction (Super Rare)
MP01-JP009 Gilford the Lightning (Super Rare)
MP01-JP010 Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord (Super Rare)
MP01-JP011 Relinquished (Super Rare)
MP01-JP012 Dark Master – Zorc (Super Rare)
MP01-JP013 Gaia the Soaring Dragon Champion (Secret Rare)
MP01-JP014 B. Skull Dragon (Super Rare)
MP01-JP015 Five Headed Dragon (Super Rare)
MP01-JP016 Rebellion (Ultra Rare)
MP01-JP017 Card of Demise (Ultra Rare)
MP01-JP018 Left Arm Offering (Ultra Rare)
MP01-JP019 True Name (Ultra Rare)
MP01-JP020 Symbol of Friendship (Super Rare)
MP01-JP021 Shrink (Super Rare)
MP01-JP022 Scapegoat (Super Rare)
MP01-JP023 Harpie’s Feather Duster (Super Rare)
MP01-JP024 Black Illusion Ritual (Super Rare)
MP01-JP025 Contract with the Dark Master (Super Rare)
MP01-JP026 Chasm of Spikes (Ultra Rare)
MP01-JP027 Dark Renewal (Super Rare)
MP01-JP028 Black Illusion (Super Rare)
MP01-JP029 Ring of Destruction (Super Rare)
MP01-JP030 Nightmare Wheel (Super Rare)

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