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[OCG] Duelist Road -Piece of Memory- Leaks

Cards are being revealed slowly but surely. And it’s mostly old stuff from the ancient dimension that hasn’t been reprinted in ages.

Seems to be Side Yugi stuff

– Millennium Shield
– Secret Rare Magician’s Valkyria

Secret Rare Dark Magician Girl, Dark Burning Attack, and Ring of Piece/Peace.

Electromagnetic Turtle, Black Illusion, Celtic Guardian

Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon (Secret Rare), Tiger Axe, Zoa

Seiyaryu, Pendulum Machine, Launcher Spider

Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon, Gilford the Legend (Secret Rare), Panther Warrior

Harpie’s Pet Dragon, Cyber Harpie Lady, Amazoness Chain Master

Metal Zoa, Masked Beast Des Gardius, Hannibal Necromancer, Zera the Mant, Super Warlion

Fairy King Truesdale, Teva, Exarion Universe



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