[OCG] Clear Pictures of the Summer Go! Go! Carnival Sleeves

They’re clearer, and it seems to confirm some rather interesting news!

The July 19th to August 8th Promotion (If you buy 5 Packs of NECH, you get 5 Sleeves of one of these designs):
–┬áDark Magician and Dark Magician Girl
– Rescue Rat
– Ghostricks (featuring a new Ghostrick!)

The August 9th ’til Supplies last Promotion (If you buy 5 Packs of NECH or SPRG, you get 5 Sleeves of one of these designs):
– World Championship 2014 Logo
– Solemn Judgement
– Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning

Meanwhile, participating convenience stores will have another Sleeve set until Supplies last, along with the above mentioned sleeves:
– Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon


(The gorillas are 2ch memes, don’t ask)

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