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[Duel Links] The Power Beyond Dimensions: Declan Akaba Event

All according to keikaku

The Power beyond Dimensions: Declan Akaba is here once again! Proceed through the event to unlock Declan Akaba and obtain the new UR card “D/D/D Rebel King Leonidas“!

Obtain event items by dueling in the Duel World or Ranked Duel, and use it to duel Declan Akaba at the Event Gate! He and Dueltainer Yuya will also appear in Duel World (ARC-V) after a certain amount of time!

Duel Declan Akaba or Dueltainer Yuya Sakaki to collect Event Points, and obtain various rewards such as Gold, Gems, Rarity Stones and Unlock Declan Akaba, aswell as new cards!

You can also obtain skills through Event Mission!

The event is ongoing until January 14, enjoy!


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