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Fake “Dueling Network”

With the unfortunate loss of Dueling Network comes with many trying to fill it’s void and, sadly, some trying to take advantage of its void.

Today, it was¬†announced on Facebook¬†that DuelingNetwork will be returning. We regret to inform you this is not true, and to not give your email to this site. We don’t want to accuse of a phishing scam without certainty, however it is important to be careful of such a situation. If you have already signed up for an email, then it is suggested you change the password of that email a few times over the next few weeks. If this is an independant dueling simulator, then we do not knowing anything about it at this time and we urge anyone interested to research it heavily before commiting to signing up for the Alpha.

EDIT: It’s also important to note that the name Dueling Network is copyrighted, so be sure to verify with the appropriate parties that he has the rights to use that name.

While I personally am not a full representative of the YGOrganization nor am I involved in anyway with the development of any dueling simulator, it is highly probable that if and when DuelingNetwork returns, it will be announced here on



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