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More Information on the New Update for Saikyo Battle Royale

Yes, you can finally edit your Deck a lot earlier.

• Dynamic Eternal Live!! & Battle Pack Vol.1 have been added!

• You can now edit your Deck by entering the Konami Code (↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → BA) after beating Goha Number Six (i.e. Atachi Mimi), which is the last of the game’s tutorial battles at the beginning, by entering the code in front of the Rush Duel Club’s door in the Student Council Room at Goha 7th Elementary.

• Rush Friends can be added even in internet battles
• Improved tempo of communication battles
• Balance of in-game missions has been readjusted
• Cards on the field can be confirmed during the opponent’s turn
• Corrected order of checking cards in the Graveyard
• Excess copies of cards over 99+ copies will be converted to GP (the in game currency)

Also, summoning animations for three new bosses in Dynamic Live!!

Hyper Engine Vast Vulcan


Royal Demon’s Death Doom




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