[Rush Duels] The Rules of Maximum!

The basic questions you’ve been begging to know!

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This time we’ll be introducing in detail information about Maximum Summon that appears in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Rush Duel “Maximum Ultra Power-Up Pack”!

[What Is A Maximum Monster]

Monsters with “Maximum” written on them are called Maximum Monsters!

Summon a special monster by using 3 specific Maximum Monster Cards!

[How To Maximum Summon]

(1) Assemble the three Maximum Monster Cards you need in your hand!

(2) During your Main Phase, Special Summon those 3 specific monsters at the same time from the hand to your field! If you already controls monsters on your side of the field, you can send them all to the Graveyard to Maximum Summon!

[Maximum Mode’s Ultra Power!]

Ultra 1: They can only be in Attack Position
Monsters in Maximum Mode can’t be in Defense Position because of their overwhelming ATK! Crush your opponent with overwhelming ATK!

Ultra 2: Overwhelming ATK!
If they’re in “Maximum Mode”, their ATK Power is the Maximum ATK printed on the center monster!

Ultra 3: 3 Monster Effects!
You can use all of the monster effects written on each card’s “Maximum Mode”!

[Features of Maximum Mode]

・ When referring to the name, Level, Attribute and Type of a monster in Maximum Mode, check the center card!

・ The 3 monsters in “Maximum Mode” are treated as one card!

・ Please note you cannot line-up “Maximum Mode” monsters with other monsters!

・ When you have a “Maximum Mode” monster you can Tribute a “Maximum Mode” monster to Tribute Summon a Level 5 or 6 monster from your hand. If you do, all 3 Maximum Monsters you control are sent to the Graveyard.

・ If you use a Maximum Monster as a regular monster, you can Normal Summon/Normal Set/Special Summon them based on the stats written on the card! However, please note that its “Maximum Mode” effects cannot be used.!

・ You can’t go into Maximum Mode by Summoning all three Maximum Monsters to the field. You must always use all 3 cards in your hand to Maximum Summon if you wish to use “Maximum Mode”.

・ You can activate the effects written on each card once per turn! 【Continuous Effects】 are effects that continue to apply even without declaring an activation! However, even if you have three effects, a “Maximum Mode” monster is treated as one card, so it can only attack once per turn! Because their ATK is so high, let’s deal a ton of damage with one attack!


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