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Live YOT Singapore Photos Day 2

EDIT: Unfortunately, we made a mistake in posting the winner of the tournament. Sam Kee and his HERO deck took second place – the actual winner of YOT Singapore was Hou Chong with his Atlantean deck. We apologize for this mix-up.

As a side note, the Asia Premier tournament was a large-scale side event held during YOT Singapore; technically it is not the YOT proper.

More new stuff!

Rankings from YOT Singapore

Post-Swiss Standings

The top 64 begins!

The Asia Premier event with 300+ registered players.

The top eighttables, and interestingly, what’s being played are:
10 HERO Decks
1 Nekroz Deck
2 Atlantean Decks
and 3 Satellarknight Decks

What does that tell you about the format?

YOT Singapore Top Eight.

YOT Top Eight:
3 Atlanteans
1 Nekroz
1 Qli

Same Kee with HEROes vs Hou Chong’s Atlantean Deck

“Quick reversal using Dark Hole and Eclipse, followed by Neptabyss moves, and Hou Chong took game 1 before I could even take a photo!”

“Sam defends against 2 princes and 2 Megalos, then send in his HEROes with blades of fury to take a quick game 2, they are now tied!!”

Top 16 for the Asia Premier

Prizes for the YOT Main Event

The Asia Premiere finals were two Atlantean Decks vs one another.

Hou Chong and his Atlantean deck take YOT Singapore, while Yu Bixuan and his Atlantean deck take the Asia Premiers.


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