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[RD/CP01] Psychic support

Who’s hyped for moar Romin cards?

RD/CP01-JP028 Mugen no Foldablitz (Foldablitz of the Dream Strings)
FIRE, Psychic/Effect, Lv 7, ATK 2300, DEF 0
(Requirement) If your opponent’s LP are at least 2000 higher than yours.
(Effect) Inflict 1500 damage to your opponent.

RD/CP01-JP036 Elechic Ampoule
Normal Spell
(Requirement) None
(Effect) Choose up to 2 face-up Normal Monsters (Level 2 or lower, Psychic-Type) you control, and gain LP equal to [the chosen monsters’ total ATK].

Note: this card’s name is a pun on Electric and Psychic, so it should be read like “Ele-kick”. It is the same pun used on “Wattsychic Fighter”, so yes, it would be a “Watt” card if it were to be released in the OCG.



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