[Legendary Decks 2] Cards from Joey’s Deck

Jerome McHale has previewed some of the contents from the Joey Deck from the Legendary Decks 2 Set. And some of the choices are rather interesting (but fitting based on previous Joey themed Products.)

Unnumbered Cards:
Red-Eyes B. Dragon
Alligator’s Sword
Axe Raider
Baby Dragon
Time Wizard
Rocket Warrior
Roulette Spider

Confirmed Card Numbers:
LDK2-ENJ02 Red-Eyes Black Flare Dragon
LDK2-ENJ03 The Black Stone of Legend (Ultra Rare)
LDK2-ENJ04 Red-Eyes Retro Dragon
LDK2-ENJ10 Jinzo
LDK2-ENJ14 Blue Flame Swordsman
LDK2-ENJ16 Phoenix Gearfried
LDK2-ENJ19 Dark Valkyria
LDK2-ENJ20 Command Knight
LDK2-ENJ23 Valkyrian Knight

If you’d like to read Jerome’s logic for how he assembled this Legendary Deck, we suggest checking out his article on the official website.

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