[Jump Festa] Stop The Obelisk Force Invasion!

A fun event at the Jump Festa convention’s Yu-Gi-Oh! area at the “Entertainment Duel Corner”.

Basically you Duel Konami staff dressed as the Obelisk Force (the elite goons of Duel Academy from ARC-V)

Any one of any age can Duel, as long as their Deck is legal for the October 1st, 2015 OCG Limit Regulations list

A match is one Duel, no Side Decking.

Participants can’t Duel one another (i.e. you and a friend can’t Duel each other, you both have to Duel your Obelisk Force member you’ve been assigned to fight)

You cannot choose which Obelisk Force member you’ll be used or what Deck will be used against you.

And participants get a 20th Anniversary Token


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