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[TCG] Lightning Overdrive Reveal Week

It’s that time again!

This week, the TCG will be revealing the contents of Lightning Overdrive through various Content Creators among the community!

Day 1 – Monday, 17th of May
Introduction to Lightning Overdrive
Day 2 – Tuesday, 18th of May
Utopia Theme
Day 3 – Wednesday, 19th of May
Amazement Theme
Day 4 – Thursday, 20th of May
Black Rose Dragon Theme
Day 5 – Friday, 21st of May
Lightning Overdrive box openings

You can find a list of who will be revealing what Here!

Alongside this announcement, they have revealed that Lightning Overdrive will include a Starlight Rare reprint of Akiza’s ace monster, “Black Rose Dragon”!

Further news will be posted on site as it’s revealed during the week, so stay tuned!



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