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[Promo] “C” Ranger Shine Black

A Super Sentai / Power Ranger spoof monster appears!

G戦隊 シャインブラック G Sentai Shine Black (“C” Ranger Shine Black)
Level 4 EARTH Insect Normal Monster
ATK 2000

Flavor Text at the moment is unknown due to lousy scan quality.

For those wondering the name, 戦隊 (Sentai) is the Japanese word used for Squad(ron). The relevance of why I’m translating it as Ranger is that 戦隊 is used to refer to the “Super Sentai” series, which most people internationally will know by its localized title: “Power Rangers”. And this card is most definitely a send-up of the Super Sentai/Power Ranger franchise.

The card itself is a promo card handed out to anyone attending the Victory Jump Carnival, Shueisha’s major Summer convention for their brands and titles.


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