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Yu-Gi-Oh! RUSH DUEL: Dawn of the Battle Royal Release Trailer

We finally have more details on Rush Duel’s debut in the west!

Confirmed Names for the Dub (Our Translation -> Official Localization)

Ranze -> Rayne
Gakuto -> Gavin
Roa stays as Roa, and his band is still “RoaRomin”

Dragon’s Priestess -> Dragon’s Sage
Windcaster Torna -> Torna the Windweaver
Luminous Shaman -> Shining Shaman
Thunder the Lightning -> Thunder the Thunder
Dark Liberation -> Dark Revelation
Hilt the Noble Arms Bearer -> Hilt, the Bearer of Noble Arms
Dragon’s Striker -> Sportsdragon Striker
2-Block -> Double Block
All-Night Fever -> Party! Party! Party!
Attribute Change Blast -> Attribute Shift Bomb
Magical Beast Wolfram -> Magical Beast Wolfang

Deck Modification Pack -> Deck Mod Pack (Numbered as 01, 02, ect. Instead of names)

European Release Date confirmed for 7th December on the Nintendo Switch.


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